Índices son colecciones de los más grandes, así como las acciones más ampliamente comercializadas. Usted podría estar familiarizado con algunos de los índices más populares, incluyendo NASDAQ o el Promedio Industrial Dow Jones en los EE.UU., el Hong Kong Hang Seng, el Nikkei japonés, así como el FTSE 100 en el Reino Unido.

Trading CFD Indices provides clients with exposure to all international equity markets, and is an extremely, effective hedging tool. With all major indices available including; NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE, CAC, S&P clients can take advantage of global market sentiment with the benefits of leverage, fast execution, qnd optimal trading conditions.

YFX Capital offers one of the largest selections of indices, covering markets around the globe. Whether you’re bullish or bearish about the global economy, our indices trading enables you to instantly trade long or short, 24 hours a day during the market week. The added benefits of trading equity indices with YFX Capital include zero commissions or fees, leverage of your trade contracts of up to 100:1 as well as tight spreads. With these advantages, trading indices with YFX Capital is the perfect opportunity to boost your trading success and your profits.

YFX Capital se ofrece una gran variedad de indices y CFD para operer incluyendo:

  • NASDAQ 100 – This index represents the value of 100 non-financial NASDAQ-traded companies
  • FTSE 100 – The FTSE 100 is a collection of 100 of the largest publicly-traded UK companies
  • S&P 500 – The value of the Standard & Poor 500 is based on the share prices of 500 leading US-based companies
  • DJ EURO STOXX 50 – Euro Stoxx 50 collects together 50 of the largest European companies’ share value
  • CAC 40 – A representation of 41 multinational companies traded on the French Stock Market.